Freelance food-stylist, recipe writer and developer, and personal chef. Every project is a unique new challenge!  I've contributed with many others food & lifestyle photographers. Focused in finding the best look to promote your brand, including prop’s selection for a photoshoot, creating mood boards/ storyboards, writing and developing recipes, guiding new brand’s focus groups, etc.

I’m happy to have partnered with these brands/

Tupperware, Richesmonts, Deliveroo, Carrefour France, Mattarazzo, Talisker, Cardhu, Lagavulin, Impact Hub Geneva as well as the most important French domestic & kitchen equipment Groupe Seb and editorials such as Planeta Editions, Marabout, Hachette and Mango Editions, among others.



Photography is a complement of my work as a storyteller and art direction. I began my career as a professional cook then walked the path aside the best chefs, through cooking television sets and fake hamburgers. I create moody photos, focused in textures, shapes and colours led by natural light. Engaged with editing process for photo and videography.

Set up a studio in Geneva, Switzerland where I stock all the elements I need to perform food-styling and photography (props, ceramics, backdrops). I work with Canon equipment, studio flashes and photo backgrounds to enhance the final results.