I appreciate feeling inspired by other stylists, designers, food lovers and photographers. From 2010 and on I am myself teaching and sharing my experiences in workshops and cooking classes in Paris, Argentina and Chile. You will learn all about telling stories around food & travels, food-styling for camera sets, how to discover details in minimal & lifestyle photography, sustainable cooking, including shopping fresh ingredients and setting the table up. Focused is creativity, leaving space to play with the shapes and natural lights, angles & composition, textures and colours to make your food look delicious in each frame!

You will acquire every tool you need to perform a perfect shot (yes, there are so many little life-saving tricks!) and learn about slow food styling communication. The styling sessions are complemented by the presence of other professionals like photographers, food designers, and art directors to share technical knowledge from using natural lights to photo edition in Adobe LR, PS and video edition in PR Pro. The team will work in studio sets, as much as outdoors locations. 

Workshops spoken languages are English, French and Spanish.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in enhancing your skills!

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Check out some of our guests’ compositions in Food Photography & Styling Workshops Tours in the following locations!
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mendoza, Argentina
Valparaiso, Chile
Paris, France
Geneva, Switzerland
— Especial hosts photographers Cecilia Miranda and Hiram Di Lorenzo. Chef Gabriela Estrella and plant based Estudio Crudo by Máximo Cabrera.